We are happy to announce that Krootl.com is recognised by the Google team as an official Flutter Consultancy!


Creating a high-quality app requires more than just good coding. We help our clients with the full process, from developing initial concepts to final product launch. This includes assisting with structuring ideas, product discovery, design, and of course writing code.

We are offering software development services for all types of industries. Starting in 2018, we have built a number of web and mobile applications in the healthcare, foodtech, finance, delivery, and wellness sectors.

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We are proud to be a recognised Consultancy and will keep promoting Flutter as a technology capable of delivering amazing, best-in-class applications within the startup budget. 

It’s not a secret that Flutter is a great choice for startups looking to build MVPs. If your goal is to get your product to market faster or show investors a functioning prototype, Flutter is a perfect fit.

Some of the brands that are using Flutter in production

Flutter is highly flexible, so it does not limit any product's possibilities. A lot of big corporations globally selected Flutter as a core technology for their products since it can scale so well.

At Krootl, we offer free consultations to help estimate software costs and delivery timelines.  If you want to discover how we can bring your idea to life together let’s chat.

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