Every year, the iF DESIGN AWARD organized by iF International Forum Design GmbH in Hannover gains global attention. It's a huge design competition with 11,000 entries from 72 countries in seven areas and 70 categories. iF International Forum Design releases yearbooks annually to showcase the accomplished winners.

App design award

Participants compete for recognition in the diverse categories:

  • Product (40 Sub-Categories)
  • Packaging (8 Sub-Categories)
  • Communication (9 Sub-Categories)
  • Interior Architecture (8 Sub-Categories)
  • Professional Concept (10 Sub-Categories)
  • Service Design / UX (8 Sub-Categories)
  • Architecture (3 Sub-Categories)
  • User Interface Design (2 Sub-Categories)some text
    • Digital Media Interfaces
    • Product Interfaces 
Design award categories

The judges evaluate entries based on five criteria: Idea, Form, Function, Differentiation, Impact, and give scores. Each entry receives a feedback chart with individual scores for these criteria.

Every award winner gets a complimentary self-configurable company or creative profile featured on ifdesign.com. This serves as a valuable tool for networking on a global scale. The portfolio gallery provides an excellent platform to showcase not only the award-winning contribution but also other reference projects. 

Award winning financial app

To put it simply, winning the iF DESIGN AWARD is like taking a challenging test given by design experts. A big shout-out to our front-end team for their fantastic work on the iBilly project, which took part in the competition this year. Their dedication and expertise in developing mobile fintech interfaces were showcased brilliantly.

iBilly's Success

iBilly was fortunate to secure victory in the 2024 competition, earning recognition in both the User Interface and Digital Media Interfaces categories and winning over 132 jury members.

The mission of the iBilly project is to make personal finance simple. By offering users a comprehensive, user-friendly, and intelligent tool, iBilly aims to empower individuals to confidently navigate their financial journey through advanced features in the personal finance app.

Award winning financial app

Users can easily make payments, monitor income and expenses, and establish financial goals, all with top-notch security measures. Its integration with over 15,000 financial institutions through Open Banking by Klarna Kosma ensures a comprehensive understanding of finances.

Key features:

  • Biometric Verification
  • Expense and Income Tracking
  • Budget Management
  • Financial Goal Settings and Tracking 
  • Payment Reminders
  • Financial Reports (PDF) and Insights
  • Smart Dashboard

​​Advanced Capabilities:

  • Bank Integration: Seamlessly connect with 15,000+ banks 
  • Advanced Financial Analysis with detailed expenditure and bank account insights
  • Intelligent Search that easily navigates financial data thought the app
  • Cloud-Based Storage: Securely store and organize any documents in the cloud for convenient access
  • Spending Behavior Analysis: Identify potential savings by analyzing spending habits
  • Earnings and Payments Insights: Gain a clear view of past and future financial transactions
  • Joint Financial Planning: Collaborate with loved ones by sharing savings goals and budgets
  • Loyalty Card Management: Effortlessly add and manage loyalty cards by scanning barcodes
  • Reward Feature: Enjoy a fun and rewarding experience by earning trophies within the app.

In developing the web and mobile fintech interface, our team chose Flutter, a technology that turned out to be an excellent fit for this project. It played a crucial role in achieving the following goals:

  • Adapting to Reactive Design for dynamic transaction history
  • Crafting a flexible UI Kit with over 130 diverse pages
  • Supporting 20+ locales using the Crowdin localization platform
  • Ensuring compatibility with iOS 12.0, Android 5.0, and modern web browsers for widespread accessibility

Security Measures

Understanding the importance of protecting personal financial information, iBilly employs robust security measures, encompassing secure HTTPS connections, local data encryption, and 2FA authentication.

Furthermore, we enhance security with modern biometric solutions like Face and Fingerprint ID on mobile devices.

As contributors to this special project, we look forward to more recognition. Explore our story with iBilly and financial app development in our detailed case study.

In the ever-changing landscape of personal finance management, iBilly stands as a symbol of innovation, design, and user empowerment. We are honored to be a part of this journey.

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