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Staff Augmentation Services

Collaborate with development experts on all stages of product creation.

Krootl helps organizations scale development capacity by providing dedicated offshore resources. We assist companies in reducing software development expenses, accelerating time-to-market for their products, and optimizing administrative workflows.

Work with experienced engineers

Our Staff Augmentation Services allow us to provide you with a team of skilled professionals who are fully committed to your project.
This team is thoroughly picked based on your specific requirements, ensuring that you have the right mix of expertise and experience to drive your project forward. When you choose to engage our software engineers you receive top-notch service from a team of professionals.
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Flutter developers
Krootl is proud to be listed by Google as an official Flutter Consultancy. Hire a dedicated Flutter developer to scale your team and deliver your project on time and within budget.
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Back-end development
Strengthen your team by hiring an experienced backend engineer to build a robust foundation for your digital products. We work with a wide range of technologies, with a core expertise in Python and NodeJS.
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React Developers
Our expert front-end developers will elevate your app by leveraging the power of React to build responsive, easy-to-use interfaces that deliver an exceptional user experience.
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QA Engineers
Collaborate with our QA specialists to establish firm control over your product ensuring efficient performance and high-quality project implementation. 
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When the Staff Augmentation Model works the best
Our specialists can quickly fill gaps in your internal development team, accelerating your project timeline and eliminating the need to recruit new talent. With our dedicated experts focused exclusively on your project under your direct management, you'll benefit from significant added value and expertise.
Full-Service Dedicated Team
Limited internal software development capacity
Need an all-in-one team with all necessary specialists for the project
Perfect for delivering the project from scratch
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Full-Service Dedicated Team
Need for additional development capability
Requirement for specific expertise to complete a project
ASAP support to meet project deadlines
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What customers say
We were impressed by the human interaction with the Krootl team and their great involvement in advising us with relevant insights about the Project. We feel they always have gone the extra mile to support our ultimate vision of creating an efficient Product.
Giulia Tornatore
Worderfood, CEO