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Whole Body Prayer

Mindfulness and Meditation App

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Guided Meditation, Mindfulness and Self-awareness

Not just another meditation app
Whole Body Prayer (WBP) is a guided meditation app based on the unique methodology of Yan Ming Li, a spiritual guru and global movement leader.

The app offers guided meditations, breathing exercises, journaling, and daily wisdom affirmations, aiming to unlock the secrets of self-healing practices.
Project Context
We received a request to create a meditation app centered around mindfulness. Client emphasized on the importance of top notch mobile UX for this product niche.
The goal of the product is motivating users for daily meditation, fostering a positive behavior change. Educating them on the advantages of meditation through an extensive content library and making sure that the behavior changes last with journaling and progress tracking.
Development Targets
Release the MVP mobile apps on both iOS and Android platforms, create a content management system. 
In order to maximize marketing activities outcome and better understand customer needs we’ve added basic user behavior analytics.
Our client wanted to target two different markets — US and China, which introduced its own interesting challenges.

Core Features

Fully customizable guided meditation experience
Extensive content library with videos, audio and text articles
Multi language support
Custom interfaces to reflect unique methodology of our Client 
Journaling and progress tracking to visualize the change
Emotion tracking app
Over 60 different screens, sub-pages, pop-ups, and animations. Our technology choice (Flutter) allowed us to deploy on both iOS and Android, saving time and budget.
Custom backend and server side development to tie Mobile Apps, Content, and Admin Panel together. 
Supporting a wide range of mobile devices. Ensure simultaneous release and updates for both iOS and Android.
Making extensive custom meditation settings accessible to new users via clear interfaces and tutorial tips.
Developing a robust and scalable CMS for extensive multi language content management (video, audiobooks, text and audio articles, categories and tags).
Extensive testing to ensure best possible experience while using the app.

Solution & Implementation

Mobile app
For end users, both iOS and Android
Emotion tracking app
Backend and cloud infrastructure
Connects User Mobile App and Admin Panel, manages data storage, calculates user scores and delivers notifications
For Admin to manage App content
and media files

App Features

Custom Meditation
Empowering users to cultivate a daily meditation habit.
Personalized meditation presets creation and saving.
Meditation controls that allow a user to set up their own flow — with custom sounds, session duration, and more.
Timer functionality for seamless meditation sessions.
Dynamic meditation design based on daytime.
Master Li's Unique Content Library
Offering a comprehensive resource to deepen meditation practice and healing understanding.
Organized content categories for easy navigation.
Seamless video/audio player integration.
Audiobooks integration.
Convenient management of the favorite content list.
Social media sharing of valuable content links.
Custom Scores and In-App Achievements
Meditation score system that encourages users to practice daily.
Track a streak of consecutive meditation sessions.
Analyze meditation session times and sessions completed.
Monitor weekly, longest, and average session duration.
Qiji - A unique score evaluating users' meditation practice.
Allowing users to track daily mood, including voice and notes.
Providing a calendar check-in, weekly mood analysis.
Meditation sessions archive feature for review and reflection.
Emotion tracking app
Emotion tracking app
Emotion tracking app
Emotion tracking app


Emotion tracking app
Custom Meditation
Emotion tracking app
Master Li's Unique Content Library
Emotion tracking app
Custom Scores and In-App Achievements
Emotion tracking app
Ready to Build Your Own Mindfulness and Meditation App?
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Emotion tracking app
Mood tracking app
Emotion tracking app
Mood tracking app
Ready to Build Your Own Mindfulness and Meditation App?
Let's Make It Happen! 
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Security Measures

Encrypting locally stored data and cache for added protection.
Implementing thorough input data validation and sanitation in our FastAPI application to prevent code injection and enhance security.
Employing FastAPI Admin's role-based access control to restrict unauthorized access to sensitive data and resource management.
Securing MongoDB with built-in authentication and access control features, safeguarding data at rest and during transit.


Emotion tracking appEmotion tracking appEmotion tracking appEmotion tracking appEmotion tracking app
Looking ahead, it is clear that the absence of iBilly in the MacOS and Windows App Stores leaves a noticeable void that we will fulfill thanks to Flutter’s multi-platform capabilities.

Client Feedback

Krootl delivered an app with an interactive UI/UX, functional features, and a CMS backend portal. The detail-oriented team consistently delivered on time and was highly transparent and efficient throughout. Above all, their astute problem-solving approach exceeded our initial expectations.”
Alex L.
Whole Body Prayer , Founder

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