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Worderfood App
Foodtech Solution For Guests And Restaurants
Worderfood, Italy
DEC 2022 – JAN 2023
Guest App
Online Ordering System
Digital Ocean
Custom food ordering platform

Online Ordering System

A contactless online menu service and a restaurant order-taking app
Worderfood is a foodtech product designed to simplify the dining experience. The app facilitates kitchen operations by allowing guests to place orders directly from smartphones. It fits well with different types of places, offering a simple solution for both guests and restaurants.
User-Friendly Online Menu Service
A contactless online menu, accessed through QR code scanning, offers intuitive and clear menu navigation.
Custom food ordering platform
Efficient Restaurant Order-Taking App
Convenient establishment profile setup, menu management, and navigation with a robust search feature and comprehensive order history.
Custom food ordering platform
Secured Service with Diverse Access Levels
The app defines distinct roles, such as admin and restaurant staff, ensuring that each user benefits from precisely customized access levels.
Custom food ordering platformCustom food ordering platformCustom food ordering platform
Compelling Branding and Marketing Website
Creation of an attractive online presence for the product along with a visually appealing brand identity. 
Custom food ordering platform

Core Features

Make a straightforward and attractive online menu service and practical restaurant order-taking app.
QR code ordering for users
Real-time order dynamics
Dynamic menu control
Customizable menu items user orders 
Merchant-focused order management
Role-based access control with super admin privileges


Guest App
A contactless online menu service is activated when users scan the table's QR code. This service provides immediate menu access, speeding up the order placement process. Users can easily track food preparation and conveniently manage payments within the app.
Efficient menu search
Real-time order status update & notifications
Seamless bill requests
Convenient payment method
Restaurant App (Merchant)
An order-taking system for eateries to get orders straight from guests to the kitchen. The Restaurant app allows merchants to set up their establishment profile, manage the menu, receive orders, and track the order processing.
Advanced menu management
QR code generation
Real-time order reception and updates
Flexible service charges and discounts
Order history and search functionality
Admin Panel
The super admin panel simplifies the management of merchant onboarding, invitations, and establishment data. With a robust establishment search feature, it ensures swift and efficient access.
Merchant onboarding and invitation
Merchant establishment data management
Establishment search functionality
Comprehensive access for merchant role
Marketing Website & Branding
To enhance the promotion of the product the focus was made on a bright and appealing branding. The website outlines the essence of the whole solution and highlights the core features of the Guest app and Marchant app functionality.
Logo Design
Landing Page
Guest Page
Merchant Page 
Contact Form
Food ordering platform mobile app
Food ordering platform menu management
Food ordering platform admin panel
Food ordering platform landing page


Guest App
Custom food ordering platform
Restaurant App (Merchant)
Custom food ordering platform
Admin Panel
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Custom digital menu app
Custom food ordering platform
Custom food ordering platform

Security Measures

Secure Authorization for Merchant and Superadmin.
Pin-Code Access for Admins (Resettable only by the Establishment Owner).
User-Specific Order Creation: Each order is linked to the specific user's phone, ensuring separate orders for different users scanning the QR code.


To sum up, our roadmap for Worderfood development envisions a more comprehensive order-taking platform. Planned features include order printings, bill splitting, Google Translate API integration, GPT for item descriptions, delivery API integration (Glovo, etc.), a rating system for order items, and robust order analysis.

These enhancements aim to elevate the platform, ensuring it continues to meet the evolving needs of both users and establishments in the dynamic food service industry.
Looking ahead, it is clear that the absence of iBilly in the MacOS and Windows App Stores leaves a noticeable void that we will fulfill thanks to Flutter’s multi-platform capabilities.

Client Feedback

We were impressed by the human interaction with the Krootl team and their great involvement in advising us with relevant insights about the Project. We feel they always have gone the extra mile to support our ultimate vision of creating an efficient Product.
Giulia Tornatore
Worderfood, CEO

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