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Self-care app (NDA)

iOS, Android, Web


Our task was to digitize our client’s offline business by creating iOS and Android applications that could analyze users' behavior profiles, identify mindset limitations, and help people improve the quality of their life using a set of personalized trackers.


Changes in behavior don’t occur overnight, that’s why one of our goals was to communicate and guide the users consistently through the whole transformation process. We also wanted users to interact with the software naturally, so we decided to build the application with the Chatbot interface at its core.



The familiar “Messenger” interface does not require training and is flexible enough to incorporate various input options. We built the dialogue in accordance with the principles of communication between people and the informal language, to create a more trusted, personal experience which is crucial for a behavior focused app.


The questionnaire is a set of cards with binary “Yes” or ”No” answers. We chose a Tinder-like card design because it allows users to focus on questions, one at a time. There are no right answers to these questions, so in order to minimize bias when choosing between the answers, both options are styled using the same neutral color.


We used an animated pie chart to visually link the results of the questionnaire analysis to the corresponding topic. When the results are explained, the chatbot emphasizes the dominant mindset issue, helps users learn relevant information, and gives personalized behavior tips.

💥 Procrastination 🔫

💥 Fear of change 🔫

💥 Self-doubt 🔫


Since each user is an individual, we need a unique approach to each of them. After determining the dominant mindset issue, the application offers a set of personalized trackers that are specifically focused on changing users' behavior patterns. While gathering the trackers statistics, the Chatbot can react to users' performance, motivate them to be consistent and provide insightful reports when milestones are reached.


We believe that keeping a persistent journal can be incredibly beneficial to self-reflection. The Journal helps users to track their daily activities and is easily accessible from the Chatbot. Because it is an important part of personal growth, users are encouraged to write down their thoughts, feelings, and actions daily.





Swift, Kotlin, Google Firebase, Google Analytics


Sketch, InVision, Zeplin


Asana, Slack, Zoom

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