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A smart way to manage finances effectively
The iBilly application offers a comprehensive range of features that empower users to take control of their finances. With the ability to track expenses, manage budgets, and stay on top of financial matters, iBilly is an essential tool for anyone seeking to maintain a healthy financial lifestyle.


Our ultimate goal was to provide a reliable and user-friendly personal financial management tool that people could trust to help them achieve their financial goals.
Quick delivery of mobile apps to the entire EU market
Robust security measures to protect users' financial data
Long-term support and accommodation of future feature development
Focus on consistent functionality across iOS and Android platforms
Custom UI development developed from scratch for a seamless user experience
Building a solid foundation for app architecture

Solution & Implementation

Open Banking Integration
iBilly connects users to over 15,000 financial institutions through Klarna Kosma's Open Banking API
Transaction Management
The app synchronizes and categorizes users' bank transactions using Kosma's API
Financial Insights
iBilly generates intelligent insights into users' present and future financial well-being
Intelligent search
Functionality to efficiently navigate financial data
Cloud-based storage
Cloud-based storage for the effortless organization of receipts, guarantee cards, and other financial documents

Security solutions we implemented to ensure users’ savviness

Protecting user data and ensuring robust security posed a significant challenge. We tackled this by following industry best practices, implementing encryption protocols, and conducting rigorous security audits.
Secure Communication
All communication with the backend is conducted via secure HTTPS connections.
Data Encryption
Locally stored data and cache are encrypted to ensure data security.
2FA Authentication
A two-factor authentication process is implemented for secure app access.
Biometric Security
Modern biometric solutions like Face ID and Touch ID are leveraged for enhanced security.

Technologies and tools

Revenue Cat
Starlette Admin
Digital Ocean
Digital Ocean Droplet





Revenue Cat

Bitbucket Pipelines


Starlette Admin


Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean Droplet

Meta App Events


Is an open-source framework for developing cross-platform applications from a single codebase
The backbone of our backend stack to create server side
A modern, high-performance API for developing APIs with built-in validation and easy-to-understand documentation
A set of backend cloud computing services and application development platforms provided by Google
A cloud cross-platform subscription service that simplifies managing in-app purchases and subscriptions
Is an integrated CI/CD service built into Bitbucket Cloud. It allows us to automatically build, test, and deploy iBilly apps during development.
Is an open-source platform that we use to automate every aspect of Android and iOS release deployment.
A convenient user interface plugin designed specifically for FastAPI applications
A popular NoSQL database known for its flexibility
A cloud infrastructure provider with a wide range of services to facilitate application deployment and hosting
Provides scalable virtual machines where Python and FastAPI applications can be deployed and run in a production environment
Allows us to track actions in iBilly apps such as app installs and purchase events.
Is the mobile marketing analytics platform with solutions for measuring and optimizing campaigns and scaling iBilly growth across platforms.

Overcoming Development Challenges

Ensuring Up-to-Date Financial Data.
iBilly's features heavily rely on transaction history, and any new or modified transaction can invalidate related data like budgets and financial goals.
Developing Extensive User Interface.
With over 130 pages, menus, and pop-ups, creating the UI for iBilly was a significant challenge.
Supporting Multiple Locales
iBilly supports over 20 locales, requiring robust localization capabilities.
Device Compatibility
We aim to support a wide range of customer devices.
To track this, we crafted reactive iBilly software that always displays real-time financial information.
Leveraging the Flutter framework allowed us to build a flexible UI Kit and reuse components, saving valuable time and effort.
By utilizing the Crowdin platform and built-in Flutter features, we localized not only text content but also time, currency formats, and even image and video content.
Thanks to Flutter, iBilly mobile apps run on iOS 12.0 and Android 5.0, covering approximately 99.5% of active mobile devices. Additionally, iBilly Navigator, a progressive web app, functions smoothly on modern web browsers.

Improvements made based on user feedback

Enhanced Transaction Categorization
Implemented intelligent category suggestions and an internal ranking system for improved user experience.
Bulk Transaction Editing
Addressed user feedback by introducing the ability to edit transactions in bulk, with options for multi-select or utilizing iBilly's filters.
Customizable Financial Month
Users expressed the need to customize their "start of the financial month," and we made it possible to personalize this feature.
Streamlined Money-Flow Experience
Developed the Reimbursement feature to assist in linking related transactions, such as refunds or business trip expenses, for a seamless money-flow experience.


This is what the users say about iBilly

The app design looks modern and clean and suggests that the app is reliable and well-structured.
iBilly categorizes my expenses way better than the banking application.
I like the capability of the app to synchronize my data and to be able to switch to the web version of iBilly by just scanning a QR code.
The feature that I liked the most is the ability to split one transaction into several categories.
Extensive functionality: not only can I track expenses and plan my budget, but I can also add loyalty cards. In fact, this function saves me from having to download a separate application.
Automatically attaching my bank account was just marvelous. I was really surprised by how easy that was and how quickly I was able to use the analytics functions.


We consider ourselves fortunate to have such an amazing community that consistently provides us with valuable feedback to enhance iBilly as a product.
Looking ahead, it is clear that the absence of iBilly in the MacOS and Windows App Stores leaves a noticeable void that we will fulfill thanks to Flutter’s multi-platform capabilities.
Krootl is a humble and easygoing team that understands the urgency of our needs. Their rave-worthy skill set and straightforward workflow have enabled us to build a robust app with zero bugs and crashes.”
Ben Wung
Phable founder
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